Staré Město and Great Moravian History

Staré Město

suitable for families with children

This area was inhabited since prehistoric times and the site has been of enduring interest to archaeologists since the mid-19th century. The town and its surroundings are closely associated with the Great Moravian Empire. You can visit the Monument of Great Moravia, but also the unique metal zoo (KOVOZOO) located in the area of a former sugar mill.

Here you will find more than 300 animal sculptures made from scrap metal, a lighthouse tower, a pirate ship, an L-610 airplane, a vintage cars museum, observation decks and countless examples of recycling techniques. From the south tower (43 metres high, 231 steps) of the Church of the Holy Spirit you will get a bird’s eye view of the entire conurbation of Staré Město and Uherské Hradiště and you can also admire the view of the Chřiby Mountains, White Carpathians, Hostýn Hills, and Vizovice Hills.

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