Traditions and Gastronomy

East Moravia

Folk traditions, folklore and wine culture are the spice of East Moravia. Throughout the region you can admire the beauty of colourful costumes, authentic music and dance. At the same time, there are famous delicacies, thanks to which the Zlín Region, the tourist region of East Moravia, has become a gastronomic paradise in the Czech Republic. Selected places are also connected with important phenomena including Zlín with the Baťa company, Bystřice pod Hostýnem and the production of traditional bentwood furniture by the TON company. There are nearly twenty healing springs, most famed being the Vincentka spring in the spa town of Luhačovice.

Ride of the Kings

Centuries-old folk tradition of Slovácko

The Ride of the Kings is a folk custom on the UNESCO list of intangible monuments. You will only see him here in Slovácko and Haná. East Moravia is proud of the fact that three rides of the kings are held here regularly – in Vlčnov, Kunovice and Hluk. Occasionally you will also experience it in Skoronice or Kyjov in South Moravia. The tradition is above all a showcase of beautiful costumes and customs.

Traditional plum brandy and dried fruit

Plum or blackthorn is called the most important fruit of East Moravia. A number of delicacies are made from blackthorn, including plum brandy. You can taste blackthorn brandy in many places, but the largest distillery is in Vizovice. Blackthorn is not just turned into a delicious drink. In the area of southern Wallachia, blackthorn fruit are mainly dried or made into jam, which has its place in traditional gastronomy. 

Blackthorn country

Valašský frgál

The ‘failed cake’ is a jewel of Wallachia

The word ‘frgál’ meant a failed cake, a muffin.  Today, this cake with filling is a jewel among sweets, for which gourmets travel hundreds of kilometres to Wallachia. Among the most popular are frgáls with pear jam or cottage cheese, but in Wallachia you can also taste a number of other variants. Baking courses are an experience.

Slovácko and wine culture are inseparable

A glass of delicious wine from local winemakers from Slovácko, but also from the historic archbishop’s cellars in Kroměříž, attract all lovers of this delicious drink. The unique variety of tastes and aromas of wines stems from different soil and temperature conditions. The culmination of the wine year is the Slovácko Wine Festival with the largest display of costumed performers and visitors. 

Wine country

Vincentka and springs

Bent wood that enchanted the world

East Moravia is dotted with a large number of mineral springs. Thanks to them, several spa towns and destinations have been created here, which help to treat various maladies and diseases. The most famous spring is undoubtedly Vincentka, which rises near the colonnade in the largest Moravian spa, Luhačovice.  

Bent wood that enchanted the world

East Moravia is connected with several giants of industry. One of them is undoubtedly the Thonet family from Bystřice pod Hostýnem, who founded a factory for bentwood furniture here. You can admire the most beautiful chairs from their production not only at the local castle or in the local TON factory, but also at the Museum of Wallachia in Vsetín, where there is a permanent exhibition.



Baťa is more than just shoes

During the 1920s and 1930s, the Baťas were able to build a company with a global impact from an inconspicuous shoe factory in Zlín. Zlín then became a city which boasts a unique architectural and urban concept. Baťa is much more than just Zlín. Follow in the footsteps of their fascinating story and discover the unique genius loci that still persists in the “Baťa” localities.

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