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East Moravia

Spas and modern holiday resorts are a guarantee of perfect rest and relaxation. The authentic natural conditions of several areas contribute to this. You will enjoy therapeutic stays in the largest Moravian spas in Luhačovice or in Ostrožská Nová Ves. Wellness stays are offered throughout the region. To care for the body and soul, you can also enjoy special beer or plum baths, chocolate and honey wraps or massages.

LUHAČOVICE and the surroundings

Healing mineral springs and beautiful buildings 

The largest Moravian spa, Luhačovice offers great spa care and, above all, well-being. It has won the prestigious EDEN award, the European competition for the most beautiful destinations. You will be enchanted by the picturesque architecture of Dušan Jurkovič and the beautiful surrounding nature. The spa colonnade with the Vincentka hall is worth a visit. It is also worthwhile to travel into the surroundings. You can feel the healing effects of the sulphur springs in Kostelec u Zlína, which is a popular destination for golfers.  

A unique combination of nature and relaxation

It is worth travelling to the Beskydy Mountains for rest and relaxation. In several mountain resorts you will find everything for active rest and an unrivalled range of wellness and relaxation procedures. In addition, enjoy fresh mountain air combined with the soothing beauty of the natural environment and excellent cuisine. This oasis of calm is a popular destination throughout the year.



Mystical beauty and silence in nature

The White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area Biosphere Reserve, which is under UNESCO protection, is a place for lovers of authentic surroundings. You will experience the mysticism and harsh beauty of Moravské Kopanice, but also be pampered in hotels and guest houses. Here you can indulge in herbal baths, steam or beer baths or special wraps and massages.

Relaxation treatments in a beautiful landscape

In the beautiful hilly landscape of the Chřiby Mountains, you will experience pleasant moments in nature and untouched forests. Buchlov Royal Castle can be seen from a distance on the hill of the same name. A number of mineral springs gave rise to spas in this landscape. In the foothills of the Chřiby Mountains lies the town of Kroměříž with its beautiful Archbishop’s Castle, and the Květná and Podzámecká Gardens (UNESCO). 


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