The Holešov Versailles


4.5 km
Summer, year-round
suitable for families with children

Holešov is a beautiful town located on the border between Haná and Moravian Wallachia. It boasts a representative cultural centre – the Baroque chateau, open to the public, which also hosts an exhibition of the Municipal Museum.

The adjacent castle garden is freely accessible and is famous for its pool in the shape of Neptune’s trident. While strolling in the garden, one can feel like in Versailles, France. You can also admire the observatory, which is accessible as part of the chateau sightseeing tour. Just a few steps away from the chateau is Zeman’s Forge, where the local blacksmith shows his skills on summer weekends. The Baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary comprises the unique Black Chapel. Holešov was once home to a large Jewish community and its legacy is still visible in the town. Shakh’s Synagogue is the only preserved synagogue of the Polish type. It was named after the most important Jewish rabbi Shakh, who rests at the Jewish cemetery just a short walk from the synagogue. His sacred tomb is visited by Jewish visitors from around the world.

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