To the Healing Springs of Luhačovice


9 km
suitable for families with children
Unpretentious, středně obtížný

The architect Dušan Jurkovič gave a fairy tale appearance to the largest Moravian spa of Luhačovice.

There are 16 mineral springs and 1 sulphur spring here, the most famous being the Vincentka mineral water. The town offers many cultural, leisure time and relaxation activities. In the spring, it bursts with colour – and it is even more colourful in May, during the Opening of the Springs festival.

Come and experience the romance of the spa colonnade and the surroundings of the water reservoir. There are plenty of activities on offer, including walking, skating, cycling, and pedal boating. Discover the elegant pre-WWII villas and the beautiful folk architecture designed by the Slovak architect Dušan Samo Jurkovič. If you feel like having fun, make a trip around Luhačovice with the Hurá ven! guide or with the Sound Map. The spa of Luhačovice is very inspiring. The famous composer Leoš Janáček knew this, and it was here that he drew inspiration for his work during his repeated stays.


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